Espolón Tequila Branding

The core team at Polish & Prose, under a previous agency name, earned the opportunity to play a crucial role in the launch of Espolón Tequila. While this was a few years ago, given our comprehensive range of work for this brand, and given that it was a prominent initiative for the parent company Campari, we still consider this one of our “flagship” case studies.

The Story.

At the point that we were enlisted, the initial elements that existed were a logo, some amazing illustrations, and the seed of a positioning approach. Through intense collaboration with the client, and leveraging our brand copywriting expertise, we arrived at a distinctive brand story for Espolón. An integral aspect to building the brand was the underlying narrative. We took the lead from the illustrations that were inspired by 19th century artistry, and created characters - Guadalupe, Rosarita, and Ramon the Rooster - whose label scenes captured true moments in Mexico history. This, in turn, brought the essence of Espolón to life.

We crafted the foundational brand elements, created a seamless set of brand guidelines, and then developed an array of marketing pieces - including on-premise, off-premise, and various other communications items.